I talk a lot sometimes don’t I? And by sometime I mean all of the time…

Sleep is of utmost importance… I am trying to convince myself more than anyone else here.

As I seem to be having an issue at the moment, about not going to bed early enough to actually have a good night’s sleep better I wake up at five fucking o’clock in the morning…

Yet without my sleep I am simply useless the next day. I just spend the whole day needing more sleep, thank god my job is physical so I don’t have the chance to think about it too much there. 

But eurph… I still think it’s disgusting that, to reach work at around half nine I have to wake up at five in the morning, cook my food for the day, have breakfast, get ready and leave at half six…

Yes I leave my house three hours before I even start work… I’d be paid so much money if I got paid from the moment I started travelling. Too bad Britain left the EU… It could have been a thing!

But as I cannot really change this, I guess I had better try to get more sleep.

Anyway, someone asked me a interesting question the other day… Well interesting for me which I have since discovered is not interesting for everyone.

Are there any happy people left? And I dont mean ‘fake happy’ which is basically forcing yourself to be happy…

If you ask a question like that it is a little hard to answer without sounding a pessimist… Basically; if you see humanity like that it has always been miserable. 

People are more likely to tell others of a bad story as there is some level of truth to the negativity bias (That humans tend to remember bad things more than good things as a part of our survival instinct).

But human beings aren’t ‘miserable’ now, nor have we never been, we are all individuals and people are more likely to remember bad things rather than good things out of a very old survival instinct. 

We are for want of better phrase ‘tabula rasa‘ (And no I am not referring to the episode of Buffy), it is an old concept but I am not using it in its traditional sense. 

I am using it in the sense that everyone wil have the same type of positivity/negativity. Just the bias makes it easier to remember the negativity and why you don’t want it to happen again. 

This is obviously not 100% it is a very tough interpretation of something I find interesting, obviously there will be slight or even extreme deviations towards positivity or negativity.

(My bright pink lunchbox is an amazing thing!) 

Although now I have food and I am feeling much better… I am stil glad this is my last horribly early wake up time. 


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