Why is work such a labour?

It is official… I am a hipster.

Sat in Costa with a gingerbread latte on my laptop… Now that I think about it I normally have a ponytail as well but today I do not, I wear glasses (But I do actually need mine as I am blind) and I play guitar… Not well, admittedly, but still…


(Costa is a majestic place, where I can sit and write and not be judged too harshly as a pretentious douschbag…)

Oh, I have not brought my guitar with me and I think that beanies are stupid.

Anyway, since my slight miasmic meltdown yesterday over the fact that I no longer do the one thing in life I can actually say that I enjoy whole heartedly I have since finished one book and have already started another.

I know that progress will be slow, and that it will take quite a bit of time to get back to the same level I was at before. But I am so thankful my brain has started again.

Obviously I want to remember not to push my brain too far as if I do then I will just melt into oblivion, and this whole process will have to start again and I am getting rather tired of starting again.

So I want it to be more permanent this time, so I am going to try and take things a bit slower this time.

Plus I am slightly panicking about an exam I have tomorrow and I need to get as much coursework done as possible for it, I mean I know only a certain amount of it has to be completed…

But I cannot remember how much needs to be done… Probably because my brain had already checked out by the time that he (The guy running the course) had gotten onto that particular subject.


(Considering I don’t normally drink coffee at all due to the delightful effect it has on my hyperactivity and general attention span, I have drunk a lot today and to be honest I am planning on more of the same tomorrow.)

So I am just planning on doing as much of it as I possibly can before the exam so I can have at least a bit done from each section, preferably I would like it all done but that is not going to happen now is it… Or it may.

Depends on how pro-active I feel when I finally sit down to do this particular brand of nonsensical paperwork.

Side Point: There is between 40mg and 80mg of caffeine in the average cup of coffee, however in my pre-workout there is 350mg… No wonder I feel drained and dead for the days afterwards… No wonder it has been gathering dust on my shelf for quite some time now.

I would at least like to get the bits of paperwork necessary for my exam out of the way and done, which should theoretically only take about half an hour or so…

The whole plan which I need to write up probably wont take very long at all either, as well as the questions I need to answer in the end of the paperwork…

It is mostly just a case of me motivating myself into doing this stuff… Rather than it actually being a challenge or anything like that.


(Most of the chocolate was left at the bottom of this particular mocha… I was very upset… It was still a tasty coffee however, it made me vibrate almost to the point of loosing all of my hair, so there is that…)

As I am fairly certain that I have covered before, the fact that I am super lazy in just about everything that I do… And will try to put the bear minimum work in until it is too late and then I have to do everything.

I swear I tell myself every time that I wont leave it so late next time… But then it always ends up being super late anyway. So then I have to do like 5000 words in a single day and hate life…

I feel better once it is over, but that is expected surely.

Well it will all be worth it in the end of the day, I will be able to coach people on how to do this type of stuff and in the end that’s what I want to do.

Well, it is more that I am interested in that type of work, I mean I am a coach in my current job, it would be weird if I moved anywhere that was not related somehow to physical fitness.

As I seem to enjoy moving around a lot… But with an almost non-existent attention span, at least I have found something which will occupy me long enough so I can get on top of my writing and actually release a book of some description.

Then I will be proud.


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