I have my exam today…

You will be suprised as to the positive effect eating when and whatever you want to, can have…

I mean if you count in all of the bad sleeps and stress lately it probably makes it seem a little less like choice and more like necessity.

But to be fair it makes me more like me… Energetic to the extreme, loud, and very creative. 

Maybe I should do my eating in cycles, perhaps that would have the best effect… I have never done cycles before so that could be an interesting road to go down at some point. 

But alas…

(Breathe in through the nose and out though the mouth…)

Also I bought some scales this morning to use on my clients etc when I qualify as a PT (But also because I am using someone for my exam tomorrow and I need to measure them) and I have discovered I am incredibly heavy, like 17.5 stone heavy (Thats about 105kg or 231lbs).

I also bought a tape measure for calculating heights and working out BMI’s (By the way, this is not a great scale to be calculating how healthy you are), and mine says that I am overweight so its evidently not a great scale. 

I was heavy when I was skinny as a rake… 

(How awesome are my scales? My tape measure looks like I bought it at some DIY store but the scales are awesome!) 

Anyway… Today is the day of my exam… And I am super nervous about it. But I’m fairly certain that anyone would be super nervous about something that they have only spent the past two days doing nearly 100 pages of coursework for…

I don’t mind having to do bits of the coursework again, its the exam I don’t want to do again. 

I think I have done absolutely everything needed for the exam but I guess I can always be suprised… Oh well since I have woken up on the day its too late to worry now!

Hopefully it will go swell… 

I am fully aware that this entry is rather short but on account of my otherworldly distracted brain, hopefully I can be forgiven just this once.


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