Finally over…

It is over! It is finally over! 

Apparently this exam was getting to me more than I thought as when it was finally over, when it came to sleeping I sleapt nearly 12 hours.

I would launch celebration hats into the air and demand for some kind of overly complicated dance like the Futterwacken from the modern remake of Alice in Wonderland

But I guess would implies that I have not already managed to do this… And I have… At least three times, one time my girlfriend was present for…She was unimpressed.

(Peanut butter and honey on toast, it was supposed to be, peanut butter and jam but I had no jam when I came to make it this morning…)

Do youb know what I did last night when I got back into my house after the exam and work? 

Sweet, blissful nothing at all… 

Well not 100% nothing I told people I had passed, watched Rick and Morty and just let my brain trail of into oblivion. 

It was nice and relaxing… But I can already tell from just one that it would get super boring very quickly.

So I wont be doing it full time or anything, but it was a nice relaxing change to not have to do anything…

Also I am aware that this is slightly late but I have been getting a few things in order, it will be back to normal soon! 


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