A slightly more civilised post…

Well… I have a good few posts to make up for the lack of… Well that was an odd sentence to start with.

Let me reorganize my brain and try that one more time.

My last few posts have been rather hurried, not as long and not nearly and self referentially scathing as they are usually… Or filled with assorted random nonesense and sarcasm.

But I am going to try and remedy this, over the next few weeks.

(Yes I am uncertain as to whether or not I should be ashamed that this was my dinner today… I was not tired per se but I really wanted some carbs… But this is only because I forgot to make food on my way to work this morning. I will be sure to incorporate lots of eggs and protein sources into my diet tonight.)

I have kept to my promise and I am now reading more, even though I have had my exam and jazz to focus on this week I am still almost half way through my next book, which is awesome progress for me.

When you consider the fact I used to get through a book per month before (If I was lucky) now I have gotten most of the way through a new one in three or four days…

Again this isn’t world record type stuff but it is still an amazing feet when you consider I haven’t read in any consistent sense for the better part of the last year or so. 

What I’m reading may be of questionable clarity and value sometimes but it is rarely that which I find fascinating and more often the core concept, or core ideas which have much more sway.

How someone chooses to convey it, even if it is ‘bad’ is still interesting to read, and I love interesting ideas… I am far more likely to read something because it has an interesting concept even if it is implemented poorly. 

Obviously it is still so satisfying when you find and read a book or a series which you find captures some core concept very well.

I am not meaning to undervalue the work of great authors, obviously a lot of the time, their continued and sustainable success speaks volumes on the content. 

(I am not too sure what is more depressing… The fact I bought it with the intention of eating it, or the fact I destroyed it with some terrifying speed… And still felt hungry.) 

I am just trying to say that odd ideas, are interesting to see used. 

But that’s the same for fringe science, I find the ideas interesting… Scatter-brained and balls to the walls mad certainly, but interesting none the less. 

A friend of mine once made a delightful analogy about me once; I would never be super successful as a writer as I am too interested in odd ideas. Its not like I would be a bad writer, just that I am more interested in being original than being successful. 

Originally I was sort of upset with that answer, but it kind of dawned on me as that day went on… It made me feel excited. 

I have always wanted to be an odd human being… Long before I had any idea on what I even wanted to do with my life. 

But who knows maybe I will be a super successful billionaire one day… All I know fir certain is that I want to write and as long as I do that with my time (And read), I will be happy.

Which is a lot more than many people can say, they are still looking for what makes then happy…


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