I do seem to love reading…

Not to go back on my word, and there will be more to this blog than just this but how amazing are naps.

I mean I know stereo-typically they are an old people thing, or an ill persons thing, but I love my naps…

I want to put them into my day more, and generally sleep a lot more, particularly after last week when I had phenomenally terrible sleep all week.

Plus I know they are good for me, what with beauty sleep and all of that particular jazz being involved in that area it is hard not to know this.

Side Note: There is a lot of scientific evidence backing the whole beauty sleep idea. If you don’t believe me, check it out!

I know that all I need to do is put it into my day and leave it there for a while, naps and good long sleeps. Then I wont know how to function without them…

Anyway, yes, naps are incredible, moving on…


(Ah bed… The magical place where dreams and sleeping happens… Majestic bed… I don’t even eat food near here, or even watch TV… Bed is for sleeping… And a specific kind of recreational activity.)

Once I have finished this book I have two others in the series to read, and then a good thirty more which have been recommended by assorted people.

I guess we will discover whether they have actually selected interesting or good books to read or they have just chosen random turds to make me unhappy with life…

In either case it will be an interesting journey as I really miss reading, I may go all the way back to the start of my current series and read it again. Just to see if there is anything I missed on my first way through…

Which, lets face it, is about as inevitable as the tide… Or as inevitable as toast landing buttered side down when you drop it. I am meaning to put across that I probably missed quite a bit on my first reading of the whole story.

But upon plowing through quite a bit of his writing (My brain has finally adjusted to the jumps in space and time dilation that happens with every chapter) I am starting to feel a sensation I haven’t felt in a very long time.

I am starting to feel like I don’t want it to end… Which as I may have tried to say before, is a big deal for me as I haven’t felt like this about a series since I read the Percy Jackson series about two years ago.

Side Note 2: I was expecting to dislike the Percy Jackson series, written by Rick Riordan, but I was surprised by how compelling and intensely readable I found them. Despite the fact I found the concept of mixing ancient Greek with modern America jarring.


(These are the books I am referring to when I talk about the Percy Jackson series, there are others with Percy Jackson’s name on but I have not read them, as I think enough series’ are resurrected even though there is literally nothing else they can do, but are trudged out and forced to perform like dogs in those weird dog shows where they have to perform tricks and do things despite not actually being arsed or even having a clue as to what is going on… I went off on a rant there… Maybe I will bring it up in future…)

I am genuinely considering putting my list of books to read up on here and putting and ‘x’ next to or putting a score through the ones I have already read… That way it would be way more interesting to keep track of…

But I have to remember that it is me who is going to be keeping track of it, no one else…


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