Planning schmanning…

I need to plan things in advance more…

For example, this morning I was going to go and do some trampolining as I really miss it.

But I havent planned it into my day so I was in a constant panic to get everythjng ready before work etc so I could go.

Also I am off to visit my girlfriend today so there was that to consider…

Innevitably it all proved to be a little too much and so I blew off the trampolining idea and opted for more gym times instead…

I really do need to prior plan more, as then I could’ve avoided all the confusion today…

(This is one of my cats… In a rather untidy part of my room but it forty minutes to find him this morning… I feel slightly ashamed.)

So I compensated for my lack of planning by making a plan for the next the days… Including work, the gym abs writing.

I will probably have forgotten something but I would not be terribly surprised to be honest, I have got to keep on doing it, iron out all of the kinks stuff before it works smoothly.

But such is the fate of anything anyone wants to do ever… To do something you must at first accept that you will be awful at it to begin with.

This is probably one of the main reasons why so many people are miserable, they give up on their dream long before it can even manifest in its most basic form…

Don’t give up… 

But hey, I dont think I’m thw type to give up too easily but I guess we will find out and see how long I can keep this whole planning thing going. 

(The kitty sees all that you do… All of the time… I guess in that sense he should be fairly traumatised.)  

Besides if you don’t plan, how are you to know if you are on the right path to getting your dreams?

Side Point: I actually very much dislike the whole concept of ‘follow your dreams’, mainly because it is used so often that it has lost all of its meaning. Also dream to me implies that it is not realistic.

I mean I know I dont exactly plan my life, it more lives inside a more anarchic or chaos filled plane inside my brain.

Which is fine for the most part, but sometimes I want to plan and my life would be so much easier if I did actually plan it better.

But I must look like a right image now, sitting in the gym, on the bench press writing this… I should not anger the gym gods any further and I will get back to pushing weights against the force of gravity.

Have a good day! 


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