Mister Deluca’s customary mental explosion…

It may be an incredibly silly thing to iterate but at the moment but you may have noticed this post is late.

Possibly that you have not yet noticed, but it is something i have noticed and I am very upset about it.

This may have something go do with the fact that I am currently at someone else’s house and so concentration is something of an issue when I am with other people.

I had a delightful trip down here on the train, I acted like a complete lunatic mind, but I always do when I am forced to spend am excessive amount of time in the same place.

wp-image-1732194462jpg.jpg(Trains are cool… You know when you don’t have places to be or people to see on some kind of timescale… Or when there are too many people on the train… Or just any number of people in general. Like anyone.)

But here is something I have never talked about before, i wanna see if it would be possible to train like a superhero.

I mean I know it sounds like complete none sense, and because I watched the latest Batman movie last night (Yes, I am fully aware that I am very late in watching it but I am late in watching everything) it will probably seem like a momentary thing…

But I feel like this every time I watch a superhero movie, I always want to train to be better.

I know I am a writer and so I am unlikely to be anything too amazing in the strength and resilience department… But there are so many things I want to put right in my life and my diet, my sleeping schedule, my learning, that I may as well give it more thought.

I am already quite intelligent, and as I have been weight training for years, I am consequently quite strong. But I want to be better and a big thing I know I want to get better in my life is calories.

I know this because I am consistently fatigued on a far too often basis, I train almost everyday and as I have a very physical and very active job I need to eat far more… I mean I know I already eat quite a bit, but not as much as my body needs on a much more regular basis.

Organise my time better so that I am not left with spare time to sit and do nothing, maybe organise things like that once or twice per week, but other than that I want to use my time more productively.

Divide it up better..

(Making a better use of time is definitely something my cat could do with, as he spends about 90% of his life like this.)

How much could I learn if I put my mind into learning the things which interest me? Languages? Art? History? Mathematics? I mean I know I am not good at it but it is still interesting. Martial Arts? Meditation?

I mean reading is not exactly a hard thing to do, I enjoy it and learning things because I read so this is an amazing use of my time…

But I mean more than this… I  want to never have an excuse to sit down unless I am eating, working or writing. This means doing more with my available time.

Believe it or not, when the trampoline parks open, minutes from where I already live I might add, I will be spending a lot of time there as I do love to somersault. Also this will help with my cardiovascular health, particularly the CP (Creatine Phosphate, the explosive speed which does not last long) aspect of it.

But I do LSD (Long Slow Duration training, a cardio with enough effort to make you feel tired at the end of 20 minutes but not annihilated; obviously it is longer for elite athletes etc) at the end of every weight session in the gym, so to be fair I am well covered in the physical health aspect of this.

Just my food and sleep need to compliment this. As in I need way more food and my sleep need to be far more focused.

(But I need to stay focused on this stuff… Almost like how focused my cat is on how much he wants to murder me in my sleep…)

To stay focused on this I need to watch more things which inspire me to be this way, as in more superhero movies, more YouTube videos on the subject (I have even found a YouTube channel that analyses superhero training programmes and regiments), more things about determination and things like that.

I want to find more books on determination, actually written by people who have succeeded in life. People who have overcome things, people who have achieved the impossible, I want to know more on what makes them tick… What makes them who they are.

But all of this is a lot to do, considering there are a lot of things I want to do still. Such as learn to drive, get better at what I do, write… It all almost seems impossible considering the finite amount of time that human beings have on the Earth, and it can be cut short at any moment.

I would rather die being in pursuit of this than after spending so many nights of my life chained to my computer, chained to the TV, my brain not functioning at all, slipping further and further into some kind of depressed mental oblivion.

But to combat this issue of it being a lot, I am going to regain my mental focus by recreating my ‘mind palace’ that I used to use at college etc.

The ‘mind palace’technique is a surprisingly useful technique of segregating pieces of information into buildings or rooms of some mentally constructed building, it works best if you know the building well and all of the rooms etc.

Obviously it depends quite a lot on you as a person, as you can devote entire rooms to strains of information, for example Karate or the Hindi language or something similar, or you can devote a room to a memory of a specific thing, like one branch of a specific type of Karate or a set of words etc.

It just depends on how well you can focus on the details, as segments of a room can be devoted to different things, such as the wardrobe can house a certain amount of information and same with under the bed, on top of it, on the pillows, under the duvet, under the mattress and eventually you can store a whole mess of information more than you can actively hold in your conscious brain.

I am not entirely certain how well this is actually coming across but I hope at least some of this information is getting through.

If you need anymore information on this idea, the modern remake of Sherlock Holmes, with Benedict Cumberbatch, actually has a fairly good use of it, its still not explained terribly well but in my opinion very few things ever are.


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