Getting on top of things…

I have completely forgotten that this thing I bought was an actual tablet and not a computer…

That is mainly a dumb thing as I have been taking photos on my phone camera and emailing the resulting photos to my tablet for use in this blog.

However, this tablet has a bloody camera, admittedly it is not as cool as the one in my phone, as I got my phone specifically because it has a good camera.

Of course the phone is far more practical if the picture needs to be taken quickly or if the photo requires in-depth detail to carry my point across.

But the far more likely option is that I need a photo, I am probably not moving and I am using my tablet, then why not?

Anyway, what a weird opening… Even for me.


(Look! See I can take photos on my tablet and they are not terrible, well for the most part anyway… I have a strange fondness for photographs… Also, I seem to spend more time than I really should in coffee shops.)

I have had an inkling as to how I may set up my workout days now… So that they have some continuity and I am not consistently trying to learn new things.

The new set up goes as follows: Endurance one week, hypertrophy the next and strength the week after, and after that the cycle restarts. I am going to try to keep the exercises relatively similar and do my days at the gym, one there, one not…

When this new trampoline place opens up I will need to fit this in there as well but hopefully I will fit it in easily as I love trampolining.

So I have my working out in relative order, but that was never really the issue. I have always wanted to be bigger and stronger…

It was the more creative side of who I am I was looking to sort really, I have started to write in my journal and have been keeping relatively updated on this (You may have noticed that these have become longer) but I want to write story again…

I just need to remember that all change takes time.

I have taken up reading again more frequently, writing my journal, meditation happens now as well… I need to get used to this before I try to introduce more stimulus.

Otherwise I will just lose all of my progress so far.

That might be the reason you know… Why I am often so flustered and feel like I have a million things to do with no time to do them… Because I am over-taxing my brain.

I have to take things one at a time, otherwise they will overwhelm me and I will simply crash, and for want of a better metaphor, reboot.

My brain has been at panic stations for the last few years and it is because I am trying to do too much at once, I just need to build up to that level, not throw myself in at the deep end and hope I survive…

You don’t make a juggler practice juggling by giving him eight things and tell him to juggle… You start with one or two things and then you slowly build it up to eight or more.

A bizarre metaphor but it serves my purpose.

I am slowly introducing more and more things into my day to get my head around it all, rather than throwing it all in at once and making my brain combust.

WIN_20170304_20_25_02_Pro.jpg(OK so maybe the camera on my tablet is not quite perfect but it is still cool that I can take photos with it…)

So, yes… Ultimately I need to calm down and only introduce things slowly, so as not to terrify my brain into shutting down.

This is an odd note… But I seem to be referring to myself and my brain as separate things, I wonder if this is signs of things to come.

Having the patience to build something is far more important than any skill you might already have…



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