Focus is your ally…

A nice short post today but it will be surprisingly deep as for some reason I don’t really know how to speak in any other way… Small talk is for stupid people.

I started writing this blog because it was good for me, and I talked about all sorts over the past few months, from solar panels to Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. Plus I enjoy talking to myself, lets me get my thoughts in order.

However now I am thinking that this whole blog should have a more centralised focus, as it is easy to just sit and talk about anything… It is entertaining however it is also easy to lose focus and completely forget why you started in the first place.

Leading to what my College level English teacher called ‘digressions’ which I was something of a guru for doing. I could take an essay about Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and talk about the Cuban Revolution and still make it tie in somehow.

By the way, that book is incredibly weird, well its hardly long enough to be classified as a book, more of a novella or short story.


(Trying to keep things focused often means cutting down on my non-sensical babble and remaining focused on a single idea… Shouldn’t be too hard right?)

But… The more dodging I do to try and find some kind of ‘central focus’ in the literal hurricane of my brain, the more something begins to dawn on me… I already have a central theme.

Its not something I have spoken about before, nor have I really mentioned it but it is the central theme of about ninety percent of all the blogs I have done on here so far…

It may seem perhaps a little schizophrenic right now but the general central focuses of this blog are wellness, fitness and happiness… My writing will still play a central role in this as it is pivotal to my wellness and happiness, but on the whole these are the subjects I have touched on most of all…

So yes I do have a central theme… I may not have recognised it as such but it has been there all along, guiding what I write. It is not something I have ever seen as a central idea to focus on, and I pride myself on being able to see the bigger picture…

Like those Nazca Lines (Or Geoglyphs) in the Nazca Dessert in what is now Southern Peru… That being said I have a strange fascination with the ancient world, it is so interesting, this is probably the reason why I studied history, not to find out King Henry VIII was kind of a dick… But even this is still interesting.

(I apologise for the lateness of this post, it was supposed to go up when all of the others went up but I apparently didn’t change it from a draft so… Whoops! Hopefully it wont happen again!)


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