Steak is also your ally…

In light of recent discoveries I have decided that I will tell you about a delightful accident that happened yesterday involving steak.

Basically it begins on a delightful morning when I went to the gym with my best friend, it was a last minute sort of thing as he got out of work early and asked if I would go with him.

Fuck yeah… Bro date in the gym.

So I went and felt less than fantastic, I think I managed maybe two of the exercises I had planned and then bailed on it.

He wasn’t in a mood for the gym either as he had work later on and so it was a sort of lazy session.

But we made plans to go back later on in the evening, I refused to allow this to happen if I was going to feel dead again.

So I went into town and bought a disgusting amount of steak… How much you say? Said the person in my imagination, well I have a visual representation for you.


(About that much steak and you would possibly think at least two or three meals with that much steak? Nope.)

I should possibly also point out that I have been down on my protein for a few days now and so this has resulted in a poor mood and basically a lack of my ability to care about things. Or really even want to do them.

Side Point: Yes I know… Bad me for starting a sentence with ‘or’ but bare with me please, I promise I am not mad. It is a much lesser evil than starting a sentence with ‘and’ so I’m not going straight to hell just yet… Maybe purgatory.

So I had 64 ounces of steak in one meal, seriously…  Well technically spread out to two, one after the other. The second one I had with sweet potato fries with.


(Steak number one was the most majestic thing in the universe, although I know I am disgusting as I don’t like my steak cooked much… Maybe a minute or two on both sides and it is done!)



(The second steak, much thicker and more awesome… I put some garlic into this one to give it a more amazing flavour… Not that steak requires much help at all in that department…)

Only now do I look shit up… Aside from it having more than 500g of protein in which I am fairly certain most of which my body will not use, it was also 5000 calories on its own, never mind the sweet potato fries…

Well I have certainly hit my protein and fat macros today… And then some… And then some more.

My carbs are a bit low, but I have hopefully compensated for that over the past few days by basically eating nothing but them.

At the gym I crushed it, I have also started doing overhead squats (Squatting with the bar pushed out over your head instead of on your shoulders) again, in an effort to correct issues with my squat technique, as it helps to keep my back straight.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this at a stupidly heavy weight but I guarantee someone somewhere probably already has and will do again.

I also did some tricep work as I have decided to split that up into separate days, bicep to tricep, as well as my abs to obs. But this is just a confusing statement and I should probably actually talk about what I do in the gym.

But that is for another day!


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