How to wake up earlier…

So I made my own attempt at a mint flavoured latte this morning… My advice for next time? More coffee…

(And I put a fair bit of coffee in, it is small wonder I am so damn hyper after drinking at Costa or Starbucks… They must put lots of that stuff in, either that or they just have stronger stuff… Which is by and large far more likely.)

But the creamy,velvety taste of a latte was what I was going for, and that I have mostly achieved.

Plus the minty taste because of the syrup I added has made it a very nice beverage…

Anyway. At least I did not burn the milk as I constantly do on account of not owning a coffee maker…

Side Note: When I am richer, I will buy a coffee maker machine… Or hire a person to bring me coffee at a moments notice… I wonder if I could do that? 

The reason for me having a substance which can, lets face it, destroy my soul in an attempt to be fabulous, is because I am trying to get my body used to waking up early.

I find it very easy to go to sleep early(-ish) like around 22:00-23:00, but not so easy getting up early… Despite having 8-9 hours sleep if I do this.

My body just dislikes being up early in general. I am just trying to get it used to getting up earlier.

The get used to anything, introduce it in small increments.

This is the reason why people who go ‘cold turkey’ and quit outright from the word go, rarely succeed.

To put this into context, lets say you wake up at around 9am usually. It is silly to think you will be able to wake up at 7am consistently after that.

It is much better and less stressful for your brain if you, say, knock five to ten minutes off your wake up time every couple of days.

So you are waking up earlier and earlier, but it is not such a big leap from one to the other. 

So one day you would wake up at 9am, then you’d wake up 8:55am, a few days later it would be something like 8:45am and you would just slowly decrease the time that way. 

But as sleep is super damn important, if you wanted to reduce the time you spent in bed on a morning, you would have to increase the anount of time you spend in bed on a night time. 

Essentially I am saying you may have to set yourself a bed time. 

(Meal prepping to the max! Rice, teriyaki chicken and spinach… As I dont plan on being home at any point today.) 

Also aside from anything else if you quit ‘cold turkey’ you will stress yourself out, and nobody wants to be stressed ever. 

Your body will not be ready for it, you will wake up tired and grumpy, lethargic and… Just… Really? Who has the time for all of that when you can feel good? 

Unfortunately I tried to repeat my relative success with my first mint latte of today, only to burn the coffee beans… Oh well.


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