Yin and Yang

So today has been interesting, I read, I wrote… I will hopefully get to write some more before today is over.

It has made me intensely happy to have been able to focus on the things that I love to do today without worrying that I am missing something or that time is running out.

I have possibly mentioned before that I think, internal happiness is as important to your growth as a human being as external happiness…

I will try to word that in a way which does not sound phenomenally stupid.

Mental well being is just as important as physical well being. I did not call it happiness as happiness is on an entirely separate scale, with its own delightful mess of complications.

Yin and Yang is a good example of inter-related cooperation, whilst it is not directly referencing this particular dichotomy.


(This is my delightful image hastily scrawled on a piece of paper of the Yin and Yang symbol, I promise there is no symbolism here, the reason for the slightly smaller bit being coloured in is in no way a reference to anything other than the fact that I am quite lazy.)

It does however directly reference that without one half you cannot have the other, our mental and physical states, are therefore inter-related as seemingly contrary as they may be, again this is something referenced in ancient Chinese philosophy in reference to Yin and Yang.

Obviously there are other references by many other cultures to a mind and body split which requires cooperation but none have quite the sway in Western audiences as Yin and Yang.

I am in fact mostly certain that people have tattoos of Yin and Yang without any understanding as to what it is.

I have split my days up at the moment into mental days and physical days, it makes things slightly easier to process in my mind but in a lot of senses it makes things a lot slower.

I know human beings as a general rule like to try and stick to one thing and make themselves fantastic at it.

I also know the curse of the jack of all trades; you cant be a master at everything, you can only be sort of OK.

But human biology and psychology aside, I am more than certain that I would get super bored just focusing on one thing… Besides they address either side of me.

Side Note: If you are that way inclined, you can read this delightful article I found on the subject of human adaptability to extremes. Highlighting that not everyone is the same, even in extreme cases.

The writing, reading and the like, addresses my mental needs whereas working out, going out, meeting people, having a girlfriend, meets my physical ones.

So I have both sides… I guess it will be super interesting to find out what happens later on down the line, will I go mad? Only one way to find out!


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