Change is good… Sometimes… I guess? 

So I have changed up my gym plans a bit… And by a bit I mean considerably…

Well I guess by considerably I don’t mean that I have changed the whole thing…

Ok, so I will explain it better…

I have made cardio more relevant to my workouts now. 

I was always trying to think of how to add in more cardio, as that is one facet of my health which has suffered the most in the years I have been training.

I have treated it as something I do to get it out of the way, and on some days I down right ignore it. 

Well no more will my cardio suffer for such silly reasons. 

Obviously I am more than likely going to change this plan as time progresses and I feel the need for much much more strength based exercises…

But that is the beautiful thing about exercise, it can change so much, in so many different ways, you don’t have to get bored of the same old exercises time and time again.

(So much walking makes my feet hurt… I really have to buy new shoes otherwise everything is just going to explode…)

Besides being creative with my gym routine makes me feel happy, as does creativity in general.

This will probably be the reason why in 10 years time I will have rainbow hair and I will have taken up sky diving ironing (Seriously look it up, its a real thing). 

I don’t ‘hate’ traditional values, just that they could use a little bit of updating… And by a little, I mean a lot.

Like, did you know that codes of behaviour which are older than 700 years which are still enforced today? 

Thats terrifying… 


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