Where does time go?

For the want of a better expression, my life is all over the place…

I am currently trying to do maybe three or four things well, and consequently none of them are going well.

I’m trying to be healthy (Cycle, go to the gym, maintain some form of inner peace etc), write (As I think I would die if I did not), be good at what I do, and maintain relationships, girlfriends, friends and all that delightful mess of confusion.

Ultimately it has made my brain imploud.

I keep thinking of new ways to monitor them all, but in the end they all turn out to be far more effort than I would be willing to put in.

And when you factor in sleep, food, and using the bathroom, I feel like I have next to no time.

But this is just untrue, if you didn’t guess, I just did some maths, which is rediculous for me as numbers are alien and bizarre to me.

Time Sinks:

  1. Sleep; roughly, I sleep more than most, around 42-46 hours per week.
  2. Eating; if I plan out food beforehand and stop waiting so long to eat, I will spend about 14 hours a week on food, cooking, shopping for, making etc.
  3. Exercise; if I did it correctly, I would spend maybe 5-8 hours a week in the gym.
  4. Work; my biggest hole at the moment aside from sleep, 30-40 hours work (Depending on where in the year it is) as well as about 10-15 hours travelling, making it roughly 40-55 hours. A number which I hope to deminish soon as I am learning to drive… Again.

This makes my total time used in a week, a minimum of 101 hours, for absolutely everything I need to survive… And how many hours are in a week?


Even at the top end of my scale that still leaves me with almost two days worth of time where I currently essentially do nothing!

So I have a grand total of 45 to 67 hours, basically two to three days worth of extra time which I am currently wasting… Doing what exactly?

Watching TV? Watching YouTube? I gotta keep up with those memes though… Feeling dead? Facebook? Games?

It would be remiss of me to not mention that I am also doing driving lessons, which is about 2 hours per week, and I will probably squirrel away 12 hours per week napping or at least trying to nap.

So essentially I am wasting my time, thinking that I have none.

Time is very easy to waste, and consequently impossible to get back… It is clicheted as hell, but it is so true.

My whole life has been fueled on having no regrets, and I don’t want to start now…


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