My brain is a dick…

I have had something of a meltdown over the past few days…

But that is and probably always will be, overdramatic to the point of almost complete narcissism.

Aside from my cat having a damaged eye, which he probably got from one of my other pets, they are consistently fighting, nothing is really abnormally wrong.

I am a little stressed about having three days back to back of twelve hours each.

I don’t get much holiday, but I never really do and this has never really bothered me before.

I am well fed, entertained, I have the freedom (It may not feel like it sometimes but I do) to do whatever I want, I have a comfy bed, access to an almost unlimited supply of information, I can see my girlfriend whenever I want… What do I possibly have to complain about?

Nothing… Aside from maybe an occasional lack of sleep.

Normally I would try to dig deeper to find some horrible underlying meaning to it all, but realistically I just have to accept that sometimes my brain is just a dick.

So I will end this here with, my brain is just a dick sometimes…


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